Huafeng Light-sensitive material co., LTD., located in hengshui high-tech development zone, hebei province, founded in 2000, is one of the global manufacturers of color developer, the largest supplier of photosensitive chemicals in China, and the earliest manufacturer of EDTA series chelating agents in China. The company's main products: color developer series: cd-1, cd-2, cd-3, cd-4, cd-32,2-chloroethylamine hydrochloride; Organic intermediates mainly include: 1 - [acetamide base between phenyl] - 5 - (4, 3, 4-2 nitro benzoic acid benzene ester, propiolic aldehyde condensation diphenylamine hydrochloride (n - 306), chlorine - 4-3 - nitrobenzene formaldehyde, twelve amino acid fat, between the chloride EDTA, EDTA sting, EDTA disodium salt, sodium EDTA four, sodium EDTA, DTPA and DTPA ammonium iron, sulfur and ammonium sulfate, etc.

The company has formed the development, production, sales and import and export as one, specializing in the production of photographic industry with organic intermediates and special chemicals manufacturers. Strong technical force, stable and reliable product quality, products are exported to southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other countries and regions and enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad.

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